The perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is quickly coming around the corner and we’re all looking for meaningful ways to celebrate the special women in our lives. If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift, there are some great options at, particularly the mother daughter bracelets. I’d like to share a little more about the mom who inspired me to create the first mother daughter pieces in my collection.

It was a joy to watch my friend Adeline transform as she became a mom to Lucy, her first daughter. When she was pregnant with her second daughter, Josie, I wanted to give her something symbolic that would last forever. I thought about the pieces of jewelry I had noticed on important women in my life and how certain pieces seemed to be an effortless part of their personal expression. I decided to create something Adeline could wear and her daughters would associate with her.  Then she could hand a bracelet over to them as they became women of their own right and went out into the world. This way they would always have a personal connection and reminder of one another.

Mother daughter bangles

Mother daughter bangles

Adeline is one stylish lady so I knew it needed to have pizzazz yet also be timeless. I created the mother daughter bangles because I knew they would look good with everything and compliment any other pieces of jewelry she was wearing. Yet they also look great on their own.

Another great thing about the mother daughter bangles is that they are made of fine silver. Not only does this make them more valuable, but it also makes them completely malleable. They can be shaped to curve and have an organic artisan feel or they can be worn straight with a more classic feel. Since they are made of fine silver they don’t tarnish so you can wear them in the shower, to the gym or anywhere. They slide easily on and off of your arm because you can shape them. The sound they make when they touch is soft and ethereal.

Adeline looks fantastic when she wears the bangles now. And I love the connection she has to her daughters as well as to me when she has them on.

Adeline, Lucy and Josie wearing their bangles.

Adeline, Lucy and Josie wearing their bangles.

Although I first created these bangles for my friend with young daughters, I’ve also created sets for adult women to give to their moms and also have a set for themselves. The pieces are symbolic of the ties we carry to our mothers and how it’s possible to adorn ourselves in beautiful and meaningful ways.

Pop over to Julia Parker Designs to order a set of the mother daughter bangles for the special women in your life now. They come gift ready and with a note explaining the concept. And I would love to hear about the women you’ll be purchasing them for either in the comments section or in the notes section of your order. I look forward to working with you!






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