“As She Grows” Fine Silver Bangles


The concept behind this set of four bangles began when I wanted to give a gift to my friend having a baby girl.  I hoped to give something meaningful and long lasting. I thought of all the stages of her life and made a separate bracelet for each stage. There is a baby bracelet, a little girl bracelet and a bracelet for when she is older.  There is also a matching bracelet for the mom so the two can be connected and so her daughter will see her wearing the bracelet as she grows. She could look forward to her next bracelet as she aged. I also wanted her to have a reminder of her youth and her mom as she became a woman of her own right and went out into the world.

These bangles are made of fine silver. This means they contain 99.9 percent silver versus sterling silver which is composed of 92.5 percent silver. Fine silver is the material used when buying silver for investment purposes. It contains the highest percentage of silver available (it is not possible to have 100 percent silver as there will always be trace impurities).

There are quite a few benefits to the use of fine silver in these bangles. One of my favorites is that they will not tarnish. You can wear these wherever you go – in the shower, in the ocean, anywhere, and they will retain their shine for good. Also, the high percentage of silver makes them very soft and therefore malleable, meaning they will conform to fit the shape of your wrist and continue to mold over time. So they really become YOURS. The other benefit I’d like to mention is the beautiful chiming sound they make as they slide up and down your wrist when they’re together as a set. You can order individual bracelets to accompany one another.

These bracelets look elegant whether they’re worn daily or as an accompaniment to formal attire. They are organic, modern, and classic all at the same time. You really can’t go wrong wearing these bangles, regardless of your day. So you’ll be looking great as you’re creating memories for your daughter.

They are available in a regular or hammered finish. The set of four sells for $253 and individual bracelets can be added for $82 each. The bangles will come gift ready and with a note explaining the concept. In the notes section, please specify if you would like a smooth or hammered finish or a combination of the two.

The bangles are also available in 22 karat gold on special order. Please contact me if you are interested

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