The perfect push present

Are you looking for the perfect push present for your partner? If you want something that is meaningful, classy and elegant, I have just the thing for you at Julia Parker Designs.

I was so excited when my friend Jenny became pregnant. It was fun and inspiring to talk with her as she went through her pregnancy and to watch her handle it with humor and grace. I loved watching the excitement she had to meet her new daughter. I knew I wanted to give her something special she would have forever and that would celebrate both her and the baby.



Last month I shared the story about how I was inspired to create the mother daughter bangles. With Jenny I took a new twist on that inspiration, as this was her first daughter. Jenny has exquisite taste so I wanted her to have something that celebrated how unique she is and how excited she was to become a new mom.

As I talked with Jenny as she went through the stages of her pregnancy, I thought a lot about her new daughter and the stages of life that she would go through herself. I knew that Jenny liked the fine silver bangles and I could only imagine her daughter having the same kind of elegant and stylish taste that Jenny has. So I created a series of bangles that would grow with her. I made one for when she was a baby, one as a little girl and one for when she was an adult woman. I also made a bracelet for Jenny so her daughter would see her wearing the bangle and associate it with her mom and be proud to be wearing something like her mom as she grew. When she was an adult she would have a bracelet to match her mom’s and would have the reminder of her youth as well as her mom whenever she wore it.

Told ya' she liked to chew on them!

Told ya’ she liked to chew on them!

Isla was born last year and is an absolutely stunning baby. She loves wearing her baby bracelet – as well as chewing on it sometimes. Jenny wears the bracelet I made for her as well as the bracelet that will become Isla’s when she gets older. It makes me happy every time I see her wearing them because it feels like it truly fits her expression.

If you’re looking for a push present or a gift for a new mom, the As She Grows Bangles are a beautiful gift that show you’ve really thought about the mom and the new baby. The Mother Daughter bangles are also a special way to celebrate new moms.

Pop over to Julia Parker Designs today to order a set for the new moms in your life. And please leave me a note about the new little ones entering your life and how the new moms are doing with the transition.




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