What is numerology jewelry? 1

In case numerology is a new concept to you, let’s start with Pythagoras, the father of Mathematics. He believed that numbers are more than just a value. They hold clues into life, our souls, and the cycles and patterns that flow throughout our lives. There are many important numbers for each of us and they are determined from our birthdate and the name we were given at birth.

Of the most important numbers we can learn about through numerology is our “life lesson” number. It gives a clue to the major lessons we are here to learn and it helps us explain why certain areas of life may be more challenging and ultimately more rewarding to us. You can expect that the characteristics of this number will be a common theme for you throughout your life and most things will be seen through the lens of these values.

Most of us are looking for deeper purpose and understanding in our lives. When I started studying numerology it helped me put all my previous seeking into a better perspective. I began to understand that my life has a unique path. Numerology helped me understand my inner nature, my talents and strengths, my shortcomings and challenges and how I interact with others. It has become a way to tap into my deeper self and find a sense of peace.

The 5 Bracelet - signifying freedom, change and adventure

The 5 Bracelet – signifying freedom, change and adventure

Now I help others explore their lives through numerology. As I’ve worked with people to better understand themselves through their numbers, I thought how great it would be to have something physical to remind them of the qualities behind their life lesson number or the qualities of other numbers they were seeking in their lives. Each piece would hold special significance that would vary depending on the person. They could serve as a reminder of who we are and what we are seeking to become. I created the Numeral line in the hopes that we can wear something beautiful, personal, and powerful at the same time.

The 6 Bracelet - signifying family, community, and harmony.

The 6 Bracelet – signifying family, community, and harmony.

Sometimes as I work with people, they are drawn to the qualities of a number other than their life lesson number. As I said, the life lesson is only one of your numbers so if you are feeling a strong pull to the qualities of another number, I always recommend trusting your instinct. The qualities of that number may be more important to you at this time in your life or they may be a part of your deeper makeup. I’m often amazed as I show people the collection and they are inherently drawn to the piece that represents the numbers in their chart very strongly. However, sometimes a different piece entirely is calling their name. I love the strength and confidence I have seen these pieces give to people.

I also love to do the numbers for an entire family and create a piece that represents the family’s number. It’s a wonderful way to remember all the qualities of a family and what it stands for. I’ve done this for couples, for families with children, for best friends, and even for important dates. Another great aspect of the collection is the unisex style of the rings so men can wear the pieces that best represent them as well. With each piece you order from the Numeral collection a card is included that list the qualities of the number so you will have this as a reminder.

Which of the pieces in the Numeral collection are you drawn to? Do you know if this is your number or does this number hold a special meaning to you? I’d love it if you left a note in the comments and I look forward to talking about this with you. If you’re interested in learning more about your numbers go to NumeralX.com to get started.

The 2 Bracelet - partnership, balance and cooperation.

The 2 Bracelet – partnership, balance and cooperation.