Which of these is calling your name?



Which piece is calling your name?

Which piece are you drawn to? Pay attention to your instincts and go with the piece that you feel most strongly drawn to.  Now look below to find out what your piece stands for. The numbers start from the top of the photo at the 12 o’clock position and go clockwise from there.

ONEThe Pioneer. Leadership, Strong will, Innovation, Beginnings

TWOThe Diplomat. Partnership, Balance, Cooperation

THREE  – The Creative. Expansion, Pleasure, Self expression

FOURThe Builder. Stability, Endurance, Discipline

FIVEThe Explorer. Freedom, Change, Adventure

SIX – The Lover. Family, Community, Home, Harmony

SEVEN – The Philosopher. Introspection, Intuition, Truth

EIGHTThe Executive. Wealth, Power, Ambition

NINEThe Humanitarian. Compassion, Tolerance, Completion

Are these qualities you are looking for in your life?

Do you know your number in numerology? Were you drawn to your number?

It’s always interesting how these things play out!

tictactoe Stay tuned for a series of upcoming posts that go into further detail about each of the numbers and their meanings. In the meantime, stop in at JuliaParkerDesigns.com to look more closely at each of the Numeral pieces. Next month will bring the addition of 4 new rings to the Numeral collection as well as a new texture for the fine silver bangles.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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